Get the Baggage Information before Making United Airlines Reservations

United Airlines flights baggage policies are quite flexible to aid in providing a number of items related information that you must be aware of. So, let’s get started!

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1.   Carry on baggage :
Travelers can bring on board one full-sized carry-on bag with one personal item free of charge unless you are a Premier member or a primary cardmember. They can bring a full-sized carry-on bag to the gate and pay the applicable checked bag fee with a $25 gate handling charge. Payment will be made by credit card only via United Airlines official site or at the airport. The maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 14 by 9 by 22 inches. So, make sure that your items are within the size limits so they will fit under your seat in front of you and make your travel as smooth as possible.

2.  Cabin baggage restrictions
Don’t include anything that breaches TSA regulations when packing your cabin baggage. You may carry liquids and gels in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces and make sure to place these containers into one-quart sized clear plastic bag. Banned items in cabin are those which may use as weapons such as knives, axes, hickey sticks, firearms, etc.

3.  Checked baggage
The maximum exterior dimensions of your checked baggage should be of 62 inches including handles and wheels. However, the maximum weight for checked baggage depends on the class of service and on your Mileage plus Premier status. You can sign in to your Mileage Plus account to determine checked baggage charges for any existing United Airlines reservations. Other service charges will apply if any of the bags exceed the weights and dimensions restrictions.

4.  Checked baggage restrictions

Don’t pack anything that is prohibited from travel on the aircraft. The TSA will also scan your checked baggage. You are not allowed to pack explosive items such as dynamite, flares, and fireworks in your checked baggage. You should also avoid packing flammable liquids like gasoline, lighter fluids, etc.

5. Oversized, overweight and extra baggage

 Oversized: Baggage with total dimensions measuring more than 115 inches will not be accepted as checked baggage.
 Overweight: Baggage more than 100 lbs will not be accepted with the exception of assistive devices musical instruments.
 Extra baggage: United airlines will charge a range starting at $150 USD for the additional baggage depending on the route.

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