Points to note when making group bookings with United Airlines flights

Are you planning to travel with your group anytime soon? If yes, when you are booking tickets for a group of ten or more people, flying with United Airlines flights brings you a host of benefits and perks.

United Airlines flights

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Avail special prices when flying with a group:

United Airlines Flight specifies a group as ten or more passengers flying to the same destination on the same flight. So, if you ever find yourself mass booking tickets for a wedding or a family vacation, do not miss out on the many advantages on the fare you can get with United Airlines.

You get a competitive fare from the group bid:

United Airlines Flight has made provisions for you to get a competitive quote in a few simple steps. All you have to do to get started is fill out the online bid request form you can find on their website. Within or less than two business days, you will get an email response from United Airlines. It is important to note that these quotes are dependent on availability and when you are booking the flight.

You and your group get other perks as well:

First of all, you are already saving a considerable amount of money. On top of that, there are other features put in place by United Airlines reservations for Groups provided below:

  • Priority check-in

To facilitate a hassle and confusion-free entry, you will be given a priority check-in. This will ease up your travel hassle and all the group members will get seated without much hassle!

  • Special group coordinator

And for all other issues or concerns, you can turn to the group coordinator assigned to you. Please check or ask to make sure in advance that the services of a group coordinator are available at your airport.

You will be given thorough information regarding the same, and about the confirmation of your flight tickets as well as the price on United Airlines Official Site. It is advisable to start this process as early as possible and not wait until the last minute.