Safety First: Places Solo-Female Travelers Should Stay Out Of During Their Trip

Setting out as a solo female traveler to a new city is challenging because being on your own makes you more vulnerable. Besides the challenges, it is an experience to cherish and a story to tell. However, there are a number of things you must avoid to stay safe.

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Below are some places you certainly must avoid when you are traveling solo as a female:

  • Isolated Streets: You are vulnerable to a new city, more so as a solo female traveler. Avoid walking on streets with unexceptionally few people, go where there are locals and visitors alike.
  • Deserted Locations: It is never wrong to explore new locations, especially when you have set out with an intention to explore. But be mindful of the places you are going to, explore only places known as attractions, and not some deserted locations seemingly risky for someone alone.
  • Bars With Over-drunk Creeps: Drunken people have a tendency to do the unthinkable at any moment, and being on your own will encourage them further. You surely don’t want drunkards to ruin your trip, so move to a decent one for a simple drink.
  • Over-crowded hostels: When you are on a trip, you find ways to save, and one way of doing so is staying in hostels as they are cheap. But, when you are alone, reserve a room in a decent hotel because you are prone to losing valuables in hostels as they are filled with different types of people.
  • Lonely Roads: To be safe on your solo-trip involve you making smart choices such as always hanging around places where people can easily see you and where other visitors are present. If you decide to explore empty roads alone, with none around, you may attract danger, so drop that plan!

These above mentioned are just a few of the many but hope this gave you some insights about what to watch out for when you are traveling solo.

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