Tips for Remaining Healthy during your Flight Journey

Flight journey is a tedious task for all travelers, especially when it comes to long flights. People suffer from jetlag, giddiness, and dehydration which makes the journey very uncomfortable. There are plenty of measures that have to be taken to make your journey a comfortable one. For a memorable journey make reservations with United Airlines Reservations and experience the thrilling flight like never before.

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Ways of staying healthy during flight
Since flight journey is a cumbersome activity, it is important to take certain precautions. These precautions are as follow:

1. Blood clots: The long air travel can sometimes cause blood-clot. It is risky for people who suffer from problems like obesity, cancer, varicose veins, etc. The major reason is due to immobility, blood clots form in the deep veins of the legs. This can be avoided by extending your legs and stretching your arms or wearing compression stockings.

2. Ear Pain: Due to cabin pressure, the vibration in the ear-drums alters which in turn causes pain. A deep breath or chewing gum can relieve some of the pressure. Another way of reducing the pressure is by pinching your nose together and gently blow it.

3. Leg Cramps: Activity is a serious way to reduce leg cramps on the plane. It is important to get up at least every hour. Also massaging calf muscle can reduce some amount of leg cramp. Caffeine and alcohol have to be avoided in order to avoid cramps. Take flights with United Airlines Flights and enjoy your trip without any hassles.

4. Lingering germs: On an airplane, there can be germs on seat pockets, tray and airline toilet seat. Antibacterial wipes have to be used to disinfect the seating place and get season-flu shot, ten days before traveling.

5. Feeling of Lightheadedness: Due to lower oxygen in airplanes, blood level goes down. Alcohol has to be avoided because it prevents the absorption of oxygen. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated.

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